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Welcome to Concrete Contractor Lincoln NE's page on concrete patios! It's important to spend time outside in order to stay healthy, why no do it on a patio? A patio is a convenient way to spend time outside, especially if you just want to relax and take in the sun. Our in house experts will craft the perfect patio in any design for any home. Contact us now by phone or form if you would like to add an amazing patio to complete your house.

How long will it take?

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, installing a concrete patio might take a variety of times. A normal concrete patio installation by a qualified contractor might take anywhere between one and three days. The site's preparation, excavation, grading, the installation of rebar or wire mesh reinforcement, the pouring, finishing, curing, and sealing are all included in this. However, the timeline may be impacted by variables like the weather. The installation time may go up for bigger patios or patios with extra elements like stamped or stained motifs. To receive a precise estimate of the time required to complete the job, it is best to go over the detailed schedule with your contractor before work starts.

circle pattern stamped concrete
colored in circle pattern stamped concrete

Patio Finishes

There are numerous distinct finishes, each with advantages and disadvantages. The broom finish is the most popular. On sidewalks and other busier commercial locations, this finish is typically applied. While a little boring, the rough surface's great slide resistance makes it ideal for high-traffic areas.

The exposed aggregate finish is another. The aggregate of the concrete, such as gravel or pebbles, is left exposed in this finish, giving it a unique appearance. This finish is made by scraping off the top layer of cement paste to expose the decorative aggregate underneath after the concrete has been poured and allowed to cure. This coating gives the driveway a natural, rustic appearance while also protecting against slips.The most popular type of decorative finish is stamped concrete.

For the concrete to have a distinctive appearance, patterns and designs can be imprinted into the material. Cobblestone, ashlar, and other patterns can be created using stamped finishes, which can also mimic the appearance of genuine stone, brick, or other materials. This finish is for homeowners who wish to add some decoration to their driveway and enhance the curb appeal of their homes.

A home can look disjointed with the wrong finish to match. Contact us today and we will work closely with you to figure out the style that fits best.

Protection of Your Concrete

There are many techniques to prevent concrete damage, including properly maintaining and sealing the concrete. You can reduce the possibility of harm from physical impact, chemical exposure, and freeze-thaw cycles by doing this. It is easier to see any possible issues when the concrete surface is kept clean and clear of debris, which can help prevent stains and discoloration. Early damage identification may be made possible by routinely inspecting the concrete for indications of damage. Early problem detection enables you to address issues before they worsen and become more expensive to fix. Making sure there is excellent drainage around the concrete is another helpful suggestion. Insufficient drainage makes it simple for water to collect and soak into the concrete. Additionally, having the concrete done by an expert can help it last longer since it was built with proper installation techniques.

Why Concrete?

Concrete is renowned for its longevity and minimal maintenance needs. It also doesn't crack easily, a common issue with other materials. Concrete is a desirable alternative for homeowners due to its decorative potential and the ease with which it can be tinted or embossed. It is the ideal material for a patio because it can also be engineered to be slip-resistant. Concrete requires some upkeep despite minimal maintenance. Cleaning it frequently is the greatest approach to keeping the concrete in good shape. By doing this, you can spot cracks or chips before they cause more serious issues.

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